The Most Traditional Tae Kwon Do Experience in Columbus

Traditional tae-kwon-do self-defense training for youth and adults. We believe in youth attaining the same standards as adult students.

Grandmaster Yang: 45 Years Teaching in Columbus

Grandmaster Yang has trained generations of students in the art and mastery of Tae Kwon Do. He is a fixture in Central Ohio. The original.

Family-friendly Rates and Teaching Style

“My boys and I went through the ranks together. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It didn’t develop a sense of competition between us. It developed a sense of tightness. It’s all because of the style of Tae Kwon Do that Master Yang teaches.” – Black Belt Master Bernadette Bourke

Grandmaster Yang has trained about 850 students to the Black Belt level.

He operates classes at YMCAs and community centers, numbering around 12 to 15 classes per week.

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